Editorial Standards and Principles

At Gist, we hold ourselves to the highest editorial standards, prioritizing integrity and freedom of expression. We firmly believe that journalism should not be unduly constrained by regulation or the law. With focus on delivering news and happenings, we have developed a distinctive voice and style that sets us apart. We take pride in our unique approach and strive to make all our content enjoyable, courageous, and candid.

While we value our distinct voice, we also recognize the importance of presenting factual information. We are dedicated to upholding the Editors’ Code, which encompasses essential principles such as accuracy, privacy, and various other topics. These principles are an integral part of our journalistic endeavors, and we are committed to ensuring that they are observed diligently. We understand the significance of factual reporting and its impact on our readership.

At Gist, we aim to create an environment where facts are valued and truth is paramount. We believe that by adhering to the highest standards of accuracy, privacy, and other ethical considerations, we can provide reliable and trustworthy journalism. Our commitment to journalistic integrity drives us to deliver content that our readers can rely on and engage with confidently.

Our Advertising Code

At Gist, we recognize the importance of maintaining brand suitability and ensuring that our content aligns with the values and preferences of our partners. We have implemented a robust infrastructure that actively avoids associating brands with unsuitable content. Through careful monitoring and content moderation, we strive to create a safe and brand-friendly environment for all stakeholders involved.

Furthermore, we have high expectations for the brands we collaborate with and hold them accountable to comply with the relevant Advertising Code enforced by the respective advertising authority. By working together, we ensure that our advertising practices meet the standards set by these authorities, promoting responsible and ethical advertising.

At Gist, we value the trust and confidence of our partners and are committed to safeguarding their brand reputation while delivering engaging and informative content to our audience.

Our Ad Policy

At Gist, our Ad Policy encompasses various important aspects, ensuring a transparent and responsible advertising environment. Our Ad Policy covers a wide range of topics, including meticulous ad review and approval processes, thorough editorial review procedures, guidelines for prohibited and restricted content, and measures regarding user data collection.

By adhering to our Ad Policy, we maintain a trustworthy and reliable advertising ecosystem that respects the interests and privacy of our users while providing effective and relevant advertising opportunities for brands.

Commercial Contents and Transparency

At Gist, we prioritize transparency and maintaining the integrity of our editorial content. When our journalists produce commercially paid content, we strictly adhere to the guidelines specified by the respective advertising authority.

We are committed to clearly indicating and labeling branded content and sponsored supplements as advertisements to provide complete transparency to our readers. This ensures that our audience can easily distinguish between editorial content and paid promotions.

Editorial decisions at Gist are independent and not influenced by current or potential sponsors or advertisers. Our journalists maintain their autonomy in selecting and presenting news and stories. Marketing decisions do not impact editorial choices, and our editorial team operates with the freedom to cover topics based on their newsworthiness, relevance, and adherence to journalistic principles.

In cases where an advertisement is deemed to contradict the values or tone of Gist titles, or if it conflicts with our committed policies, our editorial team has the authority to request its removal. This ensures that our content aligns with our overall mission and maintains consistency with the standards we uphold.

We remain dedicated to upholding the trust of our readers by ensuring transparency, independence, and adherence to our policies in all aspects of our content, including advertising and editorial decisions.

Editorial Complaints

Gist takes complaints about editorial content seriously. We are committed to abiding by the rules and regulations, and the Editors’ Code of Practice wherever it applies.

If you would like to make a complaint regarding any of our content, you can email complaints@gist.gr

Please note: You must include a link to the content you are complaining about, title and date of publication

Editorial Complaints Policy

  1. Gist aims to handle all complaints as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  2. All complaints will be acknowledged promptly.
  3. We may need to contact you to request further information, in order to be able to fully understand and respond to your complaint.
  4. If we do not believe that your complaint requires investigation – for example because we do not believe it has raised a possible breach of the Code – we will let you know and explain the reasons why.
  5. Where appropriate, we will seek to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, but without guarantee.