SHE'S TAKENMarina Satti’s Mystery Man Revealed

Marina Satti, the songstress who charmed Eurovision audiences with her Greek flair, is now making headlines for her romantic escapades. The 37-year-old sensation has been secretly serenading for the past eight months in the arms of Orestis Karagiannis, a dashing lawyer hailing from Kolonaki, known for his prowess in real estate law.

Marina Satti is reportedly dating 37-year old Greek lawyer, Orestis Karagiannis. 

The curtain lifted on this melodious love story when Super Katerina’s host, Katerina Kainourgiou, revealed the identity of Marina’s mystery man. Orestis Karagiannis, a close friend of Katerina’s brother, emerged from the shadows, stealing the heart of the beloved singer.

Orestis was spotted at the airport when Marina and her team returned from Eurovision contest.

The legal eagle, Orestis, boasts an impressive resume, with expertise spanning Sports Law, Real Estate, and Civil Law. Hailing from a prominent law firm nestled in the chic streets of Kolonaki, he brings sophistication and charm to his newfound romance.

However, just as quickly as their love song hit the airwaves, Orestis vanished from the virtual realm, swiftly deleting his social media presence. Known for his reserved demeanor, he prefers to let his actions speak louder than his online footprint.

Marina’s newfound romance adds a sweet note to her Eurovision journey. With the Greek media abuzz with speculation on if relationship will hit the high notes or face the occasional discord. Well only time will tell in this enchanting melody of love and law.

The purported romance adds a sweet note to Marina’s  Eurovision journey. | Credit: Marina Satti/Instagram

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