EUROVISION 2024Marina Satti Sends Greece into Eurovision 2024 Grand Final

Greece’s fiery music sensation Marina Satti has clinched a spot in the grand final of Eurovision 2024 after an extraordinary performance in the second semi-final. With her scintillating dance moves and infectious energy, Marina Satti brought the spirit of Greece to Malmö, leaving the audience in awe and earning raucous applause from fans. Alongside her were her talented troupe of dancers, including Husein Sentintas, Yassin Ametoglou, Vassilis Karagiannis, and Irini Damianidou, with Erasmia Markidis lending her powerful vocals to the electrifying performance.

List of countries that made it into the grand final. | Credit: Eurovision

With an electrifying lineup of talent from across Europe, the grand final of Eurovision 2024 promises to be a night to remember. Tune in to witness the spectacle as these countries compete for glory on the world’s biggest stage!

Marina Satti clinched a spot in the grand final of Eurovision 2024.

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