ECO-MOVEGreece Collaborates with United Arab Emirates to Make Poros the Next “Green” Island

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – During the COP28 conference in Dubai, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis unveiled that Poros will be the next destination to undergo a transformative shift under Greece’s GR-eco Islands national initiative. This ambitious initiative aims to transition Poros into a sustainable, eco-friendly island, marking it as the third “green” island following Astypalea and Halki.

The announcement was accompanied by the revelation of a collaboration with Masdar, a renowned green energy company owned by the United Arab Emirates government. Prime Minister Mitsotakis emphasized the importance of the GR-eco Islands project, citing the advantage of decarbonizing a smaller entity like an island compared to larger urban areas.

“The GR-eco Islands project holds immense promise as it offers a streamlined path to decarbonization and a sustainable future, especially when compared to the complexities of larger cities,” stated Prime Minister Mitsotakis during his address at the conference.

Poros is a small Greek Island close to Athens. | Credit: kipar7/Reddit

Highlighting Poros’s strategic significance due to its close proximity to the mainland, Mitsotakis underlined the ease of electrifying shorter ferry journeys—a critical step toward reducing carbon emissions in transportation.

“The selection of Poros holds particular significance given its short distance from the mainland. The feasibility of electrifying shorter ferry trips versus longer routes is a crucial consideration in our efforts,” Mitsotakis explained.

The government’s initiative for Poros is structured around four core pillars, mirroring the successful models implemented in Astypalea and Halki. These pillars include the installation of a photovoltaic park to meet a substantial portion of the island’s energy demands, the conversion of the ferry connection between Poros and Galata on the mainland to an electrified system, the implementation of electric public transportation on the island, and the fostering of a circular economy through waste utilization and recycling.

Emphasizing the profound impact of technology in facilitating island communities to achieve climate neutrality goals ahead of larger regions, Mitsotakis stressed the pivotal role of engaging local communities in the green transition.

“These initiatives serve as beacons, showcasing the influence of technology in empowering islands to achieve climate neutrality ahead of broader regions. Equally crucial is our success in involving local communities and demonstrating that the green transition presents a significant opportunity,” added Mitsotakis, outlining the holistic approach to sustainable development and community involvement in the transformation of Poros.


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