FOUND DEADBody of Missing 74-Year-Old Dutch Tourist Found on Greek Island of Samos

Authorities have confirmed the death of a 74-year-old Dutch tourist who went missing while hiking on the Greek island of Samos. The official search and rescue operation, which began immediately after the tourist was reported missing on Sunday, concluded on Friday. However, volunteers and friends continued their efforts to locate him.

Search teams looked inside caves and other remote areas for the Dutch tourist on Samos Island. | Credit: Hellenic Rescue Team

The tourist, whose disappearance was reported by Samosvoice, was last seen around 2 pm on Sunday. He vanished while hiking between the areas of Limnionas and Klima, in the southwest of the island. Greek police stated that he lost his orientation on a path in the Limnionas area. The last known sign of life was also at 2 pm in the same region.

Fears were raised that the man might have ended up in the sea, either to swim or due to a possible fall from a height along his hiking route. Tragically, his body was discovered in the Limnionas area with the assistance of a drone operated by the Fire Service’s Ikaros Team.

Rescue workers joined the search for the missing Dutch tourist on Samos Island. | Credit: Hellenic Rescue Team

Reports indicate that the tourist was last seen struggling on “path 13,” which leads to St John’s monastery and takes approximately half an hour to drive. This remote and rugged path posed significant challenges to both the search teams and the tourist himself.

The confirmation of his death has brought a somber end to the intensive search operation. The local community and fellow hikers expressed their condolences, emphasizing the dangers of hiking in unfamiliar and difficult terrains without proper orientation and communication tools.

Greek authorities have reiterated the importance of hikers informing local services of their routes and carrying necessary equipment, especially in remote and treacherous areas. The use of drones in search operations has proven vital, as demonstrated in this case, aiding significantly in locating missing individuals in challenging environments.

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