NOTT GONNA LET THIS SLIDENottingham Forest Owner Evangelos Marinakis Takes Legal Action Over ‘Mafia Gang’ Comment

Nottingham Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis isn’t letting criticism slide, hitting back at  scathing remarks with legal action. Marinakis reveals his legal team’s move after Gary Neville’s jibe likened Forest’s actions to that of a “mafia gang,” stirring up a storm in the football world.

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville likened Forest’s actions to that of a “mafia gang” after Forest’s public rebuke of the PGMOL following their loss to Everton. | Credit: Getty

Neville’s fiery condemnation came after Forest’s public rebuke of the PGMOL following their loss to Everton, raising concerns about a potentially biased VAR official. Marinakis finds Neville’s comments unacceptable and calls for accountability, not just from Sky Sports, but also from the Football Association.

Marinakis pulls no punches, highlighting the gravity of the situation. He asserts that the referee’s known allegiance to Luton, a relegation rival of Forest, should have raised red flags for the PGMOL, emphasizing the need to avoid even the slightest hint of bias in crucial matches.

Asserting Forest’s stance, Marinakis clarifies their intention: not to dictate terms but to highlight a concerning situation proactively. However, the backlash from Sky Sports and Neville prompts legal action, signaling Forest’s determination to defend their integrity.

Nottingham Forest Owner Evangelos Marinakis isn’t letting Neville’s criticism slide, hitting back at the scathing remarks with legal action. | Credit: Getty

Marinakis doesn’t mince words when addressing Neville’s role as a public figure. He points out the hypocrisy in Neville’s critique, citing the need for accountability under FA rules, especially given Neville’s position as a director of Salford FC.

While PGMOL chief Howard Webb acknowledges Forest’s grievances, the legal battle intensifies as Forest seeks reparation for what they perceive as unwarranted attacks on their reputation.

As Forest secures their Premier League status, Marinakis’s battle off the pitch highlights the complexities of football’s media landscape, where words can sting as much as defeats on the field.

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