POP STARMarina Satti Drops Eclectic EP ‘P.O.P.’ Fusing Greek Roots with Global Pop

Just days after her electrifying performance at Eurovision, Marina Satti, the Greek powerhouse, unveils her latest musical marvel: the EP “P.O.P.” Bursting with a fusion of genres – from Greek melodies to pop, trap, and reggaeton – this album is poised to make waves across the international music scene.

“‘P.O.P.’ isn’t just about music; it’s a celebration of my Greek heritage and a nod to the vibrant sounds of today,” says Marina, whose EP title cleverly doubles as an acronym for ‘Protected Designation of Origin,’ echoing the famed status of Greek culinary delights like Feta cheese.

With tracks like “TUCUTUM” and “ZARI” already setting the stage, Marina’s EP ventures into uncharted musical territory, inviting listeners on a sonic journey that’s equal parts nostalgic and avant-garde. The standout track, “MIXTAPE,” serves as a sprawling testament to Marina’s evolution, clocking in at over ten minutes and featuring collaborations with rap sensation VLOSPA and Greek icon Lefteris Pantazis.

Behind the scenes, Marina’s creative prowess shines as she collaborates with a diverse lineup of producers and songwriters. From Nick Kordonas to Solmeister, each contributor brings a unique perspective to “P.O.P.,” amplifying its cultural richness and contemporary flair.

While “ZARI” continues its meteoric ascent, achieving triple platinum status in Greece and dominating the Spotify Viral Global Chart, Marina’s impact on the international stage cannot be overstated. Her Eurovision performance marked a watershed moment for Greek music, propelling her into the spotlight as a trailblazer for cultural representation.

“Through my music, I aim to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation,” Marina reflects. “I want to show the world that Greek music is not confined to the past but is evolving and thriving in the present.”

Marina Satti stands as one of the most recognized Greek musician. | Credit: Marina Satti/Instagram

With over 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify and a growing global fanbase, Marina Satti stands as Greece’s musical ambassador to the world. Her infectious charm and boundary-pushing artistry continue to captivate audiences beyond the Greece’s landscape.

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