MOTHER APPROVESCamila Cabello Flashes Underwear During Photoshoot in LA with Her Supportive Mother on Set

In her latest photoshoot escapade, pop sensation Camila Cabello dazzled the lens with her trademark blend of elegance and edge. However, it wasn’t just her sultry poses and daring outfits that stole the show – it was the risk of a wardrobe malfunction that kept tongues wagging.

Camila Cabello flashes underwear during photoshoot in Los Angeles. | Credit: BACKGRID
Camila, accompanied by her ever-supportive mother Sinuhe Estrabao, dared to bare it all in her nude underwear. | Credit: BACKGRID

Headlining her latest venture, Camila, accompanied by her ever-supportive mother Sinuhe Estrabao, dared to bare it all, or at least her nude underwear, in a series of audacious ensembles. The 27-year-old songstress, known for her chart-topping hits and captivating performances, strutted her stuff in a dangerously high-cut dress that flirted with the boundaries of decency.

As photographers snapped away, capturing every provocative angle, Sinuhe played the role of backstage guardian angel, ensuring her daughter remained poised amidst the fashion frenzy. From assisting Camila out of inflatable pools to providing moral support as she teetered on sky-high platform heels, Sinuhe was the epitome of maternal encouragement.

Camila also rocked retro-inspired costume from 1970s lingerie-inspired bodysuits. | Credit: BACKGRID

But it wasn’t just the tantalizing attire that had cameras flashing. Camila’s journey through a wardrobe wonderland included a parade of retro-inspired costumes, from 1970s lingerie-inspired bodysuits to 1990s streetwear chic.

As Camila transformed from one eye-catching ensemble to the next, she embraced the essence of her latest single, “I LUV IT,” crooning about twisted love affairs and meteoric emotions. The lyrics, a testament to her own romantic turbulence, resonated with fans eager to delve into the depths of her personal journey.


Speaking of personal journeys, Camila’s rise to stardom, fueled by her time on The X Factor and later as a solo artist, has been a testament to her unwavering determination and courage. Sinuhe, reflecting on her daughter’s evolution from shy teenager to international sensation, confessed, “I have never met someone who can confront her fears in the way she does.”

And while Camila’s love life has often made headlines, from her whirlwind romance with Shawn Mendes to rumored flings and subsequent breakups, it’s her unyielding spirit and passion for her craft that continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

Camila risked wardrobe malfunction that kept tongues wagging. | Credit: BACKGRID

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