BACK FOR MOREJeff Bezos and Glamorous Fiancée Lauren Sanchez Island-Hop in Greece

Billionaire Jeff Bezos and his glamorous fiancée Lauren Sanchez have been spotted living it up on a sun-soaked Greek island-hopping adventure.

The power couple, who got engaged in May 2023, have been enjoying their luxurious getaway with Bezos’s son, Preston, making a rare public appearance. The last time Preston was seen publicly was in 2019 at the American Portrait Gala at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

Bezos’ son Preston made a rare public appearance since in 2019. | Credit: Gawby

Their first stop? The idyllic island of Hydra. Bezos and Sanchez were seen strolling hand in hand along a picturesque promenade, followed by a romantic sea-front dinner. It’s no surprise that Bezos, who recently reclaimed his title as the world’s richest person, would choose such a stunning location for their escapades. According to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index, the Amazon co-founder has dethroned Bernard Arnault, with Bezos’s net worth soaring to $209 billion.

With his wealth ballooning by $32 billion this year thanks to a nearly 25% surge in Amazon stock, Bezos now leads Arnault, who has a net worth of $208 billion, and Elon Musk, who sits at $200 billion.


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Next on their itinerary was the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos. The couple was caught on camera by, navigating the charming labyrinthine streets. Bezos, ever the charmer, greeted the paparazzi warmly and shared his excitement about being back in Greece. Just last year, the duo spent their holidays cruising the Ionian Sea aboard Bezos’s superyacht “Koru.”

The “Koru” is a jaw-dropping 127-meter schooner boasting three masts that soar seventy meters high. This floating palace, which cost a whopping half a billion dollars to build, ranks as the thirty-second largest yacht in the world. Maintaining such luxury isn’t cheap, with annual operational costs hitting around twenty-five million dollars. The yacht accommodates eighteen guests and requires a crew of forty to keep things shipshape.

Sanchez reminisced to Vogue about their engagement, revealing that Bezos proposed in a truly spectacular fashion. After a romantic dinner under the stars on the “Koru,” Bezos hid a massive diamond ring under Sanchez’s pillow. “I almost blacked out when I found it,” she said, recalling the magical moment before they went to bed.

The couple, who recently moved from Seattle to Florida’s Indian Creek Island, have splurged on three mansions totaling a staggering $237 million. Bezos and Sanchez’s lavish lifestyle and globe-trotting adventures continue to captivate the world’s attention, proving that when it comes to love and luxury, billionaires have no bounds.

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