Toe-tally FamousLily Allen Launches OnlyFans to Flaunt Fabulous Feet

Lily Allen, 39, has stepped into a new venture that’s got fans head over heels. The singer has launched an OnlyFans account dedicated solely to showcasing her feet. For a mere $10 subscription, admirers can feast their eyes on her perfectly pedicured tootsies.

Since the account’s debut in June, Allen has uploaded six photos under the playful username Lily Allen FTSE500, receiving over 200 likes. “Sole trader,” she cheekily captioned one snap, while another proudly declared, “Summer pedicure.”

The buzz began on Allen’s “Miss Me?” podcast last month when she revealed an unexpected obsession with her feet. “I have a lady who does my nails, and she told me I have five stars on WikiFeet, which is quite rare,” the “Not Fair” singer dished. “My feet are rated quite highly on the internet.”

Lily Allen has launched an OnlyFans account dedicated solely to showcasing her feet. | Credit: Getty

WikiFeet, a website where celeb feet are scrutinized and rated, has seen Allen’s profile soar with praise. “Gorgeous little feet,” one user gushed. “Some of the most perfect toes I’ve ever seen, absolutely beautiful,” chimed another.

Allen couldn’t resist teasing her co-host, Miquita Oliver, about her own WikiFeet rating. “Oh Miquita, I’m really sorry to tell you, you only got three stars,” she laughed. “Oh, my God!” Oliver exclaimed in mock horror.

The foot-focused venture was further inspired by Khloé Kardashian, who tipped Allen off about the lucrative potential of selling foot content on OnlyFans. “She said I could make a lot of money,” Allen revealed.

When Oliver cheekily asked if Allen would abandon their podcast for her burgeoning foot empire, Allen quipped, “Yeah, probably.”

The singer who is married to “Stranger Things” star David Harbour, debuted her OnlyFans’ account in June. | Credit: Getty

Allen, who married “Stranger Things” star David Harbour in 2020, isn’t shy about sharing personal tidbits on her podcast. She recently opened up about her past struggles with intimacy, admitting, “I never had sex not drunk before meeting my now-husband.”

Discussing her relationship, she said, “I wonder if I kink-shame my husband because he quite often asks for things, and I’m like, ‘No, babe. It’s not happening.’”

Despite her candidness, Allen insisted, “I’m quite into normalizing everything that people are ashamed about in themselves. I have a whole album called ‘No Shame,’ and actually, I was talking to David about this last night.”

Lily Allen’s foray into foot fame is certainly a step in a different direction, but with her loyal fanbase and cheeky charm, she’s sure to make it a toe-tally successful venture.

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