IN SOLIDARITYGreek Students Camp Outside Universities in Solidarity with Palestinians

ATHENS, Greece  — In a show of solidarity, thousands of Greek university students gathered outside the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens on Monday evening. Their mission? To raise their voices against the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

The protesters, undeterred by the late hour, unfurled a large banner that bore powerful messages: “This genocide bears the stamp of the USA-EU-Israel,” “No to the involvement of Greece,” and “Free Palestine.” Their chants echoed through the night, punctuated by the rhythmic waving of Palestinian flags.

Greek university students gathered outside the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens on Monday evening to protest against the ongoing war in Gaza.

A group of students even set up tents, determined to spend the night in front of the university. Their commitment was unwavering, fueled by a shared sense of outrage at the attacks on the Palestinian people.

“We watch in horror the new murderous attacks against the Palestinian people,” declared organizers from the Student Unions of Athens. “The unprecedented student protests in universities across the world are our response to this crime.”

The protest is fueled by what the students considered genocide of the Palestinian people.

But this wasn’t just an Athens affair. Similar overnight protests erupted in Thessaloniki, a bustling port city in northern Greece. The student unions there joined their voices with those around the globe, forming a powerful chain of solidarity. Their message was clear: “We are on the right side of history, demanding that the genocide of the Palestinian people be stopped here and now.”

Over the past month, Greek students have staged symbolic sit-ins and participated in anti-war rallies. Their actions mirror pro-Palestinian mobilizations on European campuses.

As dawn broke on Tuesday, a police operation unfolded at the Athens University School of Law. Riot officers surrounded the main building, where pro-Palestinian protesters had barricaded themselves the night before. The police issued a deadline for their departure, but the protesters stood firm, refusing to budge.

The historic headquarters of the University of Athens on Panepistimou Street had witnessed a rally expressing opposition to Israeli military operations in Gaza. Now, within its walls, students continued their peaceful resistance, echoing the global call for peace and justice.

The rally used various banners expressing opposition to Israeli military operations in Gaza.

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