HAVE IT YOUR WEIGHTAir New Zealand Now Weighs International Passengers Before Flying

Air New Zealand has implemented a passenger weighing initiative on its international flights, aiming to collect data on average passenger weight. The airline assured that the collected data would be recorded anonymously in a secure database, inaccessible to both airline staff and fellow passengers. Air New Zealand stated that having knowledge of the average passenger weight would enhance future fuel efficiency. Participation in the survey is voluntary, emphasizing that passengers have the freedom to choose whether or not to take part.

In 2021, the airline conducted a similar survey for domestic passengers in New Zealand. With international travel now resuming, Air New Zealand expressed the importance of extending this practice to international flyers. The airline has been a prominent carrier, facilitating over 17 million passengers annually and operating 3,400 weekly flights prior to the pandemic. Alastair James, an airline spokesperson, explained in a video that knowing the weight of all components aboard their aircraft is a regulatory requirement.

To alleviate any concerns, Air New Zealand reassured customers that there would be no visible display of individual weights anywhere. Mr. James emphasized that by participating in the survey, customers would contribute to safer and more efficient flights on every occasion.

Air New Zealand intends to invite over 10,000 customers traveling on their international network to partake in the survey. The weighing process will take place at designated gates for select flights departing from Auckland International Airport between May 29 and July 2.

The airline further highlighted that it weighs everything on its aircraft, including cargo, onboard meals, and hold luggage. For customers, crew, and cabin bags, average weights based on survey data are utilized. As the national carrier of New Zealand, Air New Zealand currently operates 104 aircraft in its fleet.