HIDDEN TREASUREAir Hostess Arrested in India after Nearly 1 kg of Gold Found in Her Rectum

An air hostess from Air India Express was arrested at Kannur Airport in Kerala for allegedly smuggling nearly 1 kg of gold concealed in her rectum, according to the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI). The arrest occurred on May 28 when the cabin crew member, identified as Surabhi Khatun, arrived on a flight from Muscat.

DRI officials intercepted Khatun during a routine check and discovered approximately 960 grams of gold hidden in her rectum. The gold was promptly seized, and Khatun was taken into custody. She was subsequently produced before a magistrate and has been remanded to 14 days in custody.

Air hostess Surabhi Khatun was arrested at Kannur Airport in Kerala for allegedly smuggling nearly 1 kg of gold concealed in her rectum. | Photo: India Today

A DRI source indicated that this is not Khatun’s first attempt at smuggling gold.  According to reports, Surabhi Khatun had smuggled gold several times in the past. This arrest underscores the ongoing challenges authorities face in curbing gold smuggling activities, which have seen a rise due to high import duties in India.

The incident has raised concerns within the airline industry about the involvement of staff in smuggling operations. A representative from Air India Express stated, “We are cooperating fully with the authorities in their investigation and will take appropriate action based on the findings.”

Air India Express is cooperating fully with the authorities in their investigation. | Photo: India Today

Kerala, particularly airports such as Kannur, has been a hotspot for gold smuggling due to its large expatriate population and high demand for gold. Authorities have increased vigilance and inspections to combat these illegal activities. The DRI continues to enhance its surveillance and intelligence operations to detect and prevent such smuggling attempts.

This arrest is a significant development in the ongoing efforts to address gold smuggling. The DRI’s proactive measures aim to dismantle smuggling networks and bring offenders to justice. The case of Surabhi Khatun serves as a reminder of the sophisticated methods smugglers employ these days.


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