WORST TRIP28-Year Old Brazilian Woman Gang-Raped by Seven Men in India While Visiting with Husband

The reported gang rape of a 28-year-old Brazilian tourist in Jharkhand, India, has ignited widespread outrage and condemnation. The victim and her husband, who were on a motorbike tour, were assaulted in Dumki district when they stopped for the night. Four men have been arrested, and a manhunt is underway for three additional suspects. The couple, with a significant social media following, posted distressing videos on Instagram recounting the horrifying incident.

In a video, the survivor, speaking in Spanish, revealed, “Seven men raped me. They have beaten us and robbed us, although not many things [were taken] because what they wanted was to rape me.” Her husband, also in a video, described the physical assault, stating, “My mouth is destroyed, but my partner is worse than me. They have hit me with the helmet several times, with a stone on the head.”

The couple in Pakistan prior to the assault in India. | Credit: intasgram/vueltaalmundoenmoto

The videos, which had initially been shared with their 234,000 followers, have been removed from their page. The couple, who had been traveling across Asia on their motorbikes, arrived in India a few months ago.

Dumka’s police superintendent, Pitamber Singh Kherwar, disclosed that the injured couple flagged down a patrol van, leading them to a local health center for treatment. The language barrier initially complicated communication, but the couple later informed doctors about the assault.

The Brazilian embassy in India issued a statement, confirming that the victims were subjected to a severe criminal attack. The embassy has been in contact with the woman, who holds dual Brazilian-Spanish nationality, local authorities, and the Spanish embassy. The Spanish embassy, in turn, offered support, including psychological care, which the victims reportedly declined as they were already receiving assistance from Indian emergency services.

The incident has reignited conversations about sexual violence in India, where high-profile cases have prompted protests and legal reforms. However, activists argue that despite progress, substantial challenges persist. Over the weekend, numerous women shared their experiences of facing unwanted sexual attention while traveling in India.

The National Commission for Women in India faced criticism when its chief responded to a journalist’s post detailing sexual aggression witnessed in the country. The chief questioned whether the incidents had been reported to the police, drawing backlash for dismissing the journalist’s concerns and urging responsibility in social media discussions.

The Instagram and YouTube posts of the assaulted couple have garnered expressions of solidarity and sympathy from individuals worldwide, highlighting the global impact of the harrowing incident and the urgent need for addressing violence against women.


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