MISSING TOURISTSSearch Underway for Missing French Tourists on Sikinos Island

Greek authorities have launched a search operation for two French tourists reported missing on Sikinos island. he women, aged 73 and 64, were staying at different hotels, but authorities believe their disappearances are connected.

The remote island of Sikinos, located in the Cyclades between Ios and Folegandros, has a small population of 386 residents. The search effort has intensified as authorities seek any leads on the women’s whereabouts.

Sikinos is a remote Island located in the Cyclades between Ios and Folegandro. | Credit: Zetine Suites, Sikinos

This development follows the recent discovery of a 74-year-old Dutch tourist who went missing on Sunday while hiking on the island of Samos. According to local reports from SamosVoice, the Dutch tourist disappeared around 2 p.m. while hiking between Limnionas and Klima in the southwest region of the island. Greek police indicated that the tourist lost his orientation on a path in the Limnionas area, with the last confirmed sighting of him being at 2 p.m. on Sunday.

The Dutch hiker’s body was found on Saturday, bringing a somber conclusion to the search. His disappearance and subsequent death have raised concerns about safety and preparedness for tourists exploring the rugged terrains of the Greek islands.

Authorities are urging residents and visitors on Sikinos to report any sightings or information that could assist in locating the missing French tourists. The search continues as local law enforcement and volunteers work together in hopes of a positive outcome.

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